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Emmanuel Vitorgan showed a one-year-old daughter



A year ago, the birth of a child in the family of a 78-year-old actor and his 56-year-old wife Irina Mlodik became a sensation in the media. Irina had to go through a lot to bear and give birth to a healthy child. The actor did not hide the fact that in order to have a daughter, they had to resort to the IVF procedure. Throughout the year, Vitorgan regularly posted photos of his daughter, but never showed the baby's face. And on her birthday, a photo of his small family appeared in the actor's story.

Sinead | 2023 06 08 12:29:54

Cinema novelties



This week, the fantasy action movie "Forbidden Reception", the lyrical comedy "Female", the fantastic action "Source Code", the musical comedy "Step by Step", the mystical thriller "Astral" and the comedy "Olympic Village" are released. Forbidden reception / Sucker Punch Close your eyes. Open your mind. You won't be ready for that USA-Canada, 2011 Director: Zack Snyder Cast: Carla Gugino, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chang, Michael J. White The film takes place in the 50s. A young girl, at the insistence of an evil stepfather, is placed in a psychiatric clinic, where she wants to be lobotomized. To escape, she invents a fairy-tale world, in which she begins to plan her escape. A bright, vivid imagination gives her the opportunity to leave the harsh reality, but the border between the present and the imaginary is becoming more and more illusory. With the help of friends in misfortune and lessons learned in the fantasy world, she can find a way to escape for real. Director Zack Snyder of the film: "Forbidden Reception is a movie about escape, both literally and figuratively. It shows how the mind can create an almost insurmountable barrier between fiction and the real world, how far we are willing to go and what sacrifices we can make. Female An Unreal Love Story Russia, 2011 Director: Gregory of Constantinople Cast: Ekaterina Vilkova, Alexander Strizhenov, Kristina Babushkina, Pavel Derevyanko, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Konstantin Murzenko "Oh my God!!!! .... It's unbelievable!!! ... I believed that Bigfoot existed. He is!!!! ... He kidnapped me!!! He's kind!!! .... We go to meet his parents!!!!! .... I think he likes me. Vanya - give me mushrooms!!!" - this is how an extraordinary video report begins, recorded on a camera that hunters accidentally found in the forest. What is this sensation??? Russian King Kong??? Or maybe a poignant love story??? Six months ago, somewhere in the Urals, in the Taiga, TV journalist Larisa Debomonova disappeared. Nobody knows where she is. Let's watch this hour and a half story to the end. Perhaps we will find out what happened to her. Исходный код / Source Code Fantastic action USA-France, 2011 Director: Duncan Jones Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright Colter Stevens, waking up from a dream, suddenly realizes that he is a special agent on a mission who must find and detain a terrorist who mined a commuter train in Chicago. In the course of the assignment, he realizes that he is part of a government experiment called "Source Code" - a computer program that allows him to get into the identity of another person in the last eight minutes of his life. As Chicago is threatened by a second, more powerful explosion that would kill millions of people, Colter sets out again and again in the last eight minutes before the disaster, collecting more and more evidence each time until he figures out who is behind the explosions to prevent a second attack on the city. Producer Mark Gordon of the film: "I'm fascinated by films that tell the story in an unconventional way," he says. " - It occurred to me that the first experiments in the field of time travel would not be particularly ambitious - we would not fly back hundreds of years. A few minutes or hours will be enough to get started. One can even imagine that the technology will arise in some laboratory purely by accident and immediately go to the Ministry of Defense, although at first they will not know what to do with it. Our hero can only go back for eight minutes, and this gives the action drama - during this time

Sinead | 2023 06 07 09:58:48

Madonna shared a rare photo



Today, many foreign stars celebrate one of the national holidays - Thanksgiving. On this day, it is traditionally customary to gather with the whole family. Perhaps that's why a photo appeared on Madonna's personal Instagram, which depicts all her children. The star accompanied the picture with a touching comment: "Neither recorded albums, nor fame, nor success can compare with what my children gave me. Greetings from Malawi." The diva often takes her adopted children to their homeland. And this time the family decided to spend Thanksgiving there.

Sinead | 2023 06 06 10:34:46

Irina Bezrukova surprised in a dogy and bright way



50-year-old Irina Bezrukova, who after the death of her son and the departure of her husband is going through hard times, starred in the image of the Muse of Stas Mikhailov in his new video. The clip is called "Greedy for Love." Bezrukova plays the role of a seductress in it. Footage from the filming in their blogs was published by everyone who took part in the project, including Mikhailov's wife Inna. Bezrukova looks great. The photos collected a lot of enthusiastic comments. We can't wait for the video to come out!

Sinead | 2023 06 05 17:58:40

The longest surname has 24 letters



A man with the longest surname has been found in the world. This is a resident of Germany, who inherited a surname of 24 letters. The Rhine tiler's name is Bernd Ottovordemgentschenfelde. He says that he often encounters problems when it comes to entering the name on the official letterhead. Members of his family, in order to get rid of unnecessary trouble, the parental "inheritance" was reduced and began to write the surname Gentshenfeld. Bernd himself says with a grin: "My father wanted to give me a middle name as well. But my mother, fortunately, stopped him.

Sinead | 2023 06 05 07:37:07

Soloist Mirage spoke about her solo career and personal life



Ex-solotic group Mirage, one of the most popular bands of the 90s, shoots a new video and dreams of a wedding. Not only foreign stars look great and confirm the fact that they are far from "going into circulation". Natalia Gulkina plans to shoot a new video, which will be presented to the viewer this summer. Natalia also shared another photo and her thoughts on choosing a life partner on her Instagram. The singer believes that if her heart is occupied by a worthy man who will be on the same wavelength with her, then she will gladly wear a white dress.

Sinead | 2023 06 03 17:49:34

Svetlana Khodchenkova published a photo in a swimsuit



Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova does not miss the opportunity to enjoy the last days of summer. The celebrity rests in the company of friends and publishes pictures in a swimsuit. Under the pictures, Khodchenkova collects compliments, which can only be joined.

Sinead | 2023 06 03 08:20:35